Yeah, Winter

No need to explain how much rain North Carolina has received over the past year.  Let’s just say the Amazon may be a tad bit drier.

Rain on the weekend seems to be a thing now.  Riding bikes outdoors, particularly in mountain environments comes with a multitude of teachings.  I consider us seasoned unofficial "meteorologists" now.  After all, our weather predictions tend to beat out the local t.v. weather persons... well, let's just say all the time.

We were able to sneak in a 4 hour trail ride this past Saturday due to our newly found weather person skills.  Sandy picked the perfect window and we avoided chilly rain before and after the ride.  So yeah, winter.

Fix'n to ride Uwharrie
New marker for the town of Lawrenceville at Uwharrie
After ride, but right before downpour
It was nice to be on a trail.  We kept thinking back to the previous weekend when we had a rare sighting of blue skies.  It was a road ride with a trail section tossed in at the apex of the ride.

Yes, this is in Mt. Pleasant, NC
Enduro Bite posing in Mt. Pleasant, NC
Still in Mt. Pleasant
While we are on the topic of blue skies and brighter things, I am happy to be supporting Enduro Bites for the 2019 season.  Enduro Bites continue to satisfy the hunger that creeps up on long rides and keeps the engine stoked!  A personal fav is the orange Beta Red fantastical magical beet powder.  All the amazing benefits of beet juice with a killer orange taste!  My go to prep for long rides.

What are you waiting for?  Click over to the Enduro Bites site and try it out for yourself.  While you are at it, use code DEATON20 for a one time 20% off of any size order.


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