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Practicing in secret...

This week has been a little slow.  Week seemed longer than normal.  Not sure why.

Anyway, the other day I was able to grab some photos of what appears to be a person doing covert training in our backyard.

And here...

The person is unaware of my taking the photos.  She knows now obviously.  She may get mad at me.

On another topic, I decided to race the local Wednesday evening Summer Mountain Bike Series.  Wednesday was the first of the series.  I typically do not participate, but got the itch to join.

What was the outcome you ask?  I got spanked.  No top end plus we are not really "training" this year.

This also happened at the race...

Was not even 200 yards into the race then slam!  One of my pedals struck an old tree stump.  Fraction of a second later I am flat on the deck.  Quickly realized my handlebars were facing the wrong way and my rear shifter was displaced.

I was able to fix the issue and jump back on the bike.  At this point my motivation was limited, but finished it out and caught four riders I think.

The race wrapped up and while I was changing clothes, I felt an odd sensation in my arm.  Looked down and noticed a nice slice in the skin.   Lucky for me Sandy enjoys tending to such injuries.  She did a heck of a job cleaning it out.  Give the girl a pair of tweezers and she is methodical at picking dirt out of a wound.   Reminiscent of this...

Hmm, maybe I should attend one of her backyard covert training classes.  Or maybe pre-ride a trail I have not ridden in a couple of years.

On a positive note, these arrived...

Love some new tires.

Enjoy your weekend folks.

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Just hear us out...

Before you throw an obscene remark and/or gesture our way, just hear us out.  Yes, we have been lazy.  Lazy in the sense of blogging.  Not so lazy with other things like riding or work around the house.

Blogging got slack because, well...  I did not feel like it.  Actually we were thinking about doing a video blog, but decided to bring back the regular blog.  I am sure we will add videos at some point, but they just take too long.  Too much work for us.

2016 will see less racing (maybe) and more kicking around on the bikes.  We did race Warrior Creek. "Race" is a relative term in this case.  It was fun, stories shared, and beers had.  Beers seemed to be opened earlier this year than in the past.  We were ok with that.

This past weekend started early.  We woke at 4:30 Saturday morning and drove over to Dilworth to help set-up for the 43rd Dilworth Criterium.  We helped erect the stage, place banners, organize registration, and flag corners.  All wrapped up a little after 8am.

We then headed over to assist with the Dirt Divas skills clinic at the US National Whitewater Center. The Dirt Divas is a Charlotte area all women's mountain bike club.  For all you women out there who have ever wondered about how to get started in mountain biking, I highly recommend reaching out to the Divas.  All of those beginner fears will melt away.

Despite the cooler air and forecast for wind gusts, there was a good turnout.  Here is just part of the group.

Photo cred Dirt Divas
We divided up based on skill level and headed out into the woods.

Here is Sandy dodging something while riding over rocks.

Photo cred Dirt Divas
Here is Sandy again.  This time jumping rocks.  She tends to be camera shy, so she jumped a little higher to avoid being caught in the frame.

Photo cred Dirt Divas
I was excited my brother Jon decided to join us.  He is in the market for a mountain bike and demo'd a rig from The Cycle Path.  My plan is to keep bugging him and eventually he will break and start participating in this mountain bike thing.

Photo cred Dirt Divas
As for me... I basically just hung out all day.

Photo cred Dirt Divas
That is all.  Enjoy the week!

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