Zippity Do Not...

Today's ride found us checking out the 18 Road Trails area within the North Fruita Desert.  We got an earlier start on the day to avoid some of the heat.  Temperature wise it turned out fairly nice with a decent breeze.

Riding out from the trailhead we decided to climb our way towards the cliffs via a trail called Prime Cut.  There are other options, but some local folks said it was the preferred route to the top.

Riding Prime Cut in the desert

Prime Cut leads you to Frontside trail.  While snaking along Prime Cut and Frontside, you run across various trail options allowing you to descend back to the trailhead.  In general, the 18 Road Trails system is made up of various flowing descending trails.

There is one trail notorious for steep descents and high levels of open exposure.  The trail is known as Zippity Do Da.  The plan was to do this trail (and we will), but Sandy researched it way too much and psyched herself out.  Lesson learned.

However....  We did tackle Joe's Ridge as our first choice.  Joe's Ridge is basically Zippity Do Da's little brother.

Basically we did this...

Instead of this...

Just kidding...  It has it's own character.

Sign at beginning of Joe's
Joe's Ridge was a good time.

View from top
Sandy cresting over part of the ridge
Me finishing the ridge
We wrapped up Joe's with no problems and decided to do one more ride up Prime Cut.  This go around we cruised back down to the car via Kessel Run.  Kessel Run was fast, flowing, and fun.  We did not quite make it in twelve parsecs, but we did ok.  If you are a Star Wars fan, you can look that one up.

We will pay another visit to 18 Road Trails in a few days.  Unfinished business.

Tomorrow will be a long fun day in Moab.  The Whole Enchilada.

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