Rock'n Shock...

We are staying in Denver for a couple of days to ease into our vacation.  The real vacation kicks off tomorrow.  Staying in Denver allows for a nice transition.

We woke up early (still feeling east coast time) and took the dogs for a walk.  Our plan was to ride a local trail to get our legs back after the drive out.

Denver "local" trails imply riding trails in the Front Range.  Thanks to our friend Jeff "Snake" for the beta on what trails to hit.  We decided on a relatively tame trail known as Lair O' the Bear.  The trail came highly recommended.

The trail followed Bear Creek and was fairly busy with hikers.  I can see how it can become overcrowded on weekends.

Riding along Bear Creek
The trail then took a hard left and climbed away from the creek.  After this point hikers were nonexistent.

The trail climbed gradually with tricky rock outcroppings staggered along 6.5 miles.  Once we reached the top, we headed back down.  Essentially an out-and-back.

Sandy enjoying the view about half-way
We did notice the higher elevation, but were able to deal with it fairly easily.  Sandy's main concern was her front fork.  She recently had it rebuilt by Suspension Experts.  After today's ride, her concerns melted away.  The fork is better than it was the day she got it.  The guys at Suspension Experts are rock'n some talent on rebuilds.

Speaking of melting, it was hot... 94 degrees hot.  Nice warm-up for riding in the desert later this week.

On the way back we swung by Red Rocks.

Red Rocks
Sandy celebrating the return to the car since it was HOT
We are a bit early to see the show
Such a fun day to start vacation off right.  Tomorrow we head to Fruita.


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